Disability Services awards scholarships and provides limited financial assistance to students through the programs listed below.

To be eligible, applicants must have documentation of a disability, be a degree-seeking student at CU Boulder and complete the CU Boulder Scholarship Application by the posted deadline.

How to complete the CU Boulder Scholarship Application

   Step One: Access the Scholarship Application

  1. Log into Buff Portal. From the Scholarships card, click Apply for & Manage Scholarships. See step-by-step instructions for continuing students.

   Step Two: Complete and Submit the General Application

  1. You can edit your general application until the deadline, even after it's been submitted. Changes made after the deadline will not be reviewed unless you are applying for another scholarship with a later deadline.
  2. Be sure to select “Registered with Disability Services” when applying to any Disability Services Scholarships opportunities.

   Step Three: Review Recommended Opportunities

  1. At the top of the application, hover over Opportunities and click Recommended. Some opportunities require additional info like a special essay, references letters or supporting documents.

   Step Four: Browse Other Opportunities

  1. At the top of the application, hover over Opportunities and click Ours or External to browse all CU Boulder scholarship opportunities (labeled Ours), and additional private scholarships.

   Step Five: Complete the FAFSA

  1. This step is recommended for other CU scholarships, but is required for the Robert Wilkerson, Timothy Grice Memorial and Disability Assessment Award Disability Services scholarship opportunities.

Available scholarships