Pharmacist reviewing prescription pills

 Please be aware there is a national shortage of the medication Adderall.  If you are taking this medication, please reach out to your pharmacy with at least 7 days left of your prescription so that you have time to call them to check if the prescription is in stock or to seek out alternative pharmacies if necessary.  Also, please note that this shortage does not currently affect all formations of Adderall so this may or may not affect your prescription.  If after you have contacted your pharmacy and you continue to need assistance or have questions, please reach out to your psychiatric provider via your MyCUHealth portal or call CAPS at 303-292-2277 to be connected to the psychiatric team.

CAPS offers treatment for students diagnosed with ADHD.

CAPS does not offer formal testing/assessments for diagnosing ADHD, however, CAPS can provide referrals to providers in the community who are able to conduct this assessment.

Information for New Students

We have specific guidelines for prescribing medications for students with ADHD.

Transferring ADHD medications to Colorado

  • To minimize disruption of care, we encourage students to continue working with their current prescriber for their ongoing management of ADHD medication.
  • If you are transferring ADHD medications to Colorado, you may bring a signed paper prescription from your provider to the pharmacy, or your provider may E-scribe a prescription directly to the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacy in Wardenburg Health Center will accept prescriptions from an out of state provider. They may send prescriptions to fill for up to 3 months in advance.

Call the pharmacy at 303-492-8553 for more information.

Treatment Services

Prescription of stimulant medication will only be initiated if the student meets one of the following criteria:

  • The student provides sufficient documentation of a prior comprehensive ADHD psychological testing battery conducted within the past three years, regardless of treatment or
  • The student was tested for ADHD anytime in the past and has a history of treatment with sufficient documentation (e.g., letter or records from the treating physician documenting diagnosis and treatment response).

We will not prescribe ADHD medications to students unable to provide this documentation.

Initiating ADHD Treatment at CAPS

All CAPS services must be initiated through an initial screening. If you are seeking treatment for ADHD (including stimulant medication), please sign up for a screening appointment on the Student Health Portal.

Please do not upload ADHD documentation to the patient portal before your initial screening appointment. CAPS staff will provide you with the necessary information regarding document review after your initial screening. 

Get Started at CAPS

Review of ADHD Documentation

There is a $50 fee for reviewing ADHD documentation. This fee is covered by the Gold SHIP; however, coverage for incoming students does not begin until the start of the plan year on August 1.  Please note that ADHD documentation received by CAPS will not be automatically reviewed. To have your records reviewed please take the following steps:

  1. Attend a screening at CAPS before sending or uploading any documentation.
  2. After completing your screening appointment, send or release records to CAPS.
  3. Sign and submit the ADHD Documentation Review Policy.
  4. Contact CAPS to request that an ADHD documentation review be completed and confirm that we have received your records.