Graduate Design

The Graduate Design Program is focused on educating graduate (both Masters and Doctoral) students through hands-on design learning and industry-sponsored projects. The cornerstone of this program is a sequence of courses that begins in the fall semester, and culminates four semesters later in May. The first course in this sequence is MCEN 5055 Advanced Product Design (APD). APD is a studio class that focuses on consumer product design and helps equip students with the tools necessary to complete the two-semester Graduate Design projects course the following year. APD is followed in the spring by MCEN 5045 Design for Manufacturability (DFM). DFM teaches students how to take their conceptual designs generated in APD, and transform them into products which are ready for manufacturing. ​

The Graduate Design projects course (MCEN 5065/5075) meets formally once per week, and is geared towards teams of students completing an industry-sponsored design project. In Graduate Design, the teams, composed of 3-4 students, have access to funds from the sponsoring company and meet regularly with a mentor from the sponsoring company and a faculty advisor.  Teams are tasked with delivering a near turn-key product at the end of the 9 month project.  ​

Enrollment in these courses is limited and highly competitive due to high demand. You must apply to Advanced Product Design by April 1st for fall semester enrollment. Admission to the BS/MS program does not automatically enroll you into these courses, you must still apply. Please contact Professor Greg Whiting if you have any questions.