Overlook into the Idea Forge during an expo

Idea ForgeSenior design students looking at a project in the Idea Forge

The Idea Forge is a flexible, cross-disciplinary collaborative space where students can imagine, design, create, and test products and solutions to meet a range of societal and customer needs.

The space includes Design Center Colorado, which supports student teams working on invention and innovation as part of courses, as well as design and development driven by entrepreneurial-minded individuals and service-oriented groups such as Engineers Without Borders.

With all these students working side-by-side, the Idea Forge boosts student learning through collaborative, hands-on experience, while supporting industry interaction through scheduled workshops as well as spontaneous exchanges.  ​

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The ITL work spaceITL Laboratory

The Integrated Teaching and Learning (ITL) Program is supported by the unique ITL Laboratory--a 34,000-sq. ft learning facility that provides students and educators with a flexible, visible learning environment.

Its curriculum-driven design supports a variety of learning styles and features first-year design studios, an active learning center, a computer network integrating all experimental equipment throughout two large, open laboratory plazas, fabrication “shacks,” group work areas, and student-centered, highly accessible technology-rich electronics and manufacturing centers.​

The ITL Program and Laboratory has received numerous awards, including the prestigious 2008 Bernard M. Gordon Prize Award from the National Academy of Engineering.

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