Design Center Colorado (DCC) is a capstone program dedicated to fostering partnerships between university students and companies, government agencies, and other organizations, through a collaborative educational experience.

Situated within the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, DCC immerses teams of graduate and undergraduate students in externally sponsored projects throughout the academic year. With its unique focus on concept generation, user-centered design, and hands-on engineering, the program attracts students from all over the globe, and sponsors ranging from start-ups to industrial conglomerates.


Program Benefits:

Throughout this hands-on course, students regularly interact with fabricators, suppliers, sponsors, and faculty, learning the engineering design process, industrial design, and entrepreneurship. The goal is to better prepare students to enter the workforce with the skills necessary to fulfill entry-level engineering positions.

Sponsors benefit from exposure to the best and brightest students, receive new and unique design ideas to challenging problems, and evaluate potential future hires. Past sponsors have noted that the enthusiasm demonstrated by the student teams has caused them to become re-energized in their own jobs and non-critical path projects can be vetted at low cost.

The process results in a win-win for the students and the sponsors alike.

If you are an industry member and would like to sponsor a student project, please contact Alan Goodman.