DeRISK Center Technical Director, CU

University: University of Colorado Boulder, Adjunct Faculty

Department: Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering

Affiliation: Corona Environmental Consulting, Vice President


  • PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2006.
  • MS, University of Colorado Boulder, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2000.
  • BS, Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Environmental Engineering, 1998.

Research Interests:  

Drinking water quality, occurrence, and treatment with special interest in minimizing disinfection byproducts, inorganic and organic contaminants including arsenic, chromium, nitrate, perchlorate, nitrosamines, volatile organic compounds, and others through advancing conventional treatment approaches and developing new treatment technologies; regulatory policy analysis to identify meaningful opportunities for public health risk reduction; climate change influences on water quality and resource management.

Center Involvement:

  • Technical Director
  • Activity Lead; Project 1: New Strategies for Technology Assessment and Implementation, Activity 1: Relative Health Indicator

Dr. Chad Seidel is Technical Director of the DeRISK Center where he brings his more than 14 years of consulting experience serving the drinking water community.  He provides small and large drinking water utilities with process engineering services, from optimization of existing conventional treatment processes to the application of advanced treatment processes for controlling emerging contaminants.  As Technical Director, Chad applies his practical and applied real-world experience working with small drinking water utilities to direct technical aspects of DeRISK Center research towards meaningful and implementable solutions of challenging problems. 

Chad will also lead the research involved with Activity 1, further developing the Relative Health Indicator (RHI) approach that he started as Principal Investigator of Water Research Foundation project 4310, “Identifying Meaningful Opportunities for Drinking Water Health Risk Reduction in the United States”.