Professor, ASU

University: Arizona State University

Department: School of Sustainable Engineering & The Built Environment


  • PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, Environmental Engineering, 1995.
  • MS, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Environmental Engineering, 1991.
  • BS, Lehigh University, Civil Engineering, 1989.

Research Interests:

Treatment and occurrence of emerging contaminants in water,  reactions and fate of oxo-anions during water treatment, natural organic matter, DBP formation, removal of taste and odor micropollutants, fate of nanomaterials in water

Center Involvement:

  • Activity Lead; Project 2: Application of Photochemical Processes for the Design and Implementation of Sustainable Treatment for Small Systems, Activity 2: Photocatalytic Nitrate Reduction

Dr. Paul Westerhoff, Professor at Arizona State University, will co-direct Project 2, Activity 3 with Dr. Kiril Hristovski (ASU).  Paul is the Vice Provost for Academic Research Programming at ASU and Professor of Environmental Engineering at Arizona State University. He has lead research funded by EPA, AWWARF/WRF, WERF, NSF, DOD and local municipalities investigating the fate in water and use in treatment of nanomaterials, treatment of oxo-anions (bromate, nitrate, arsenate), sources and treatability of dissolved organic matter including disinfection by-products and micropollutant oxidation.