Marta Viscut
Graduate Research Assistant, CU

University: University of Colorado Boulder

Department: Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering


  • PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (in progress).
  • BS, University of Colorado Boulder, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, 2015.
  • BA, University of Colorado Boulder, Chemistry, 2015.

Center Involvement:

  • Graduate Research Assistant; Project 2: Application of Photochemical Processes for the Design and Implementation of Sustainable Treatment for Small Systems, Activity 1: Sunlight Photolysis.

Under Prof. Rosario-Ortiz's mentorship, Marta has been contributing to the DeRisk project through the assessment of sunlight photolysis effects on disinfection process and on disinfection byproducts formation. Her interests beyond this project involve a focus on inorganic chemistry, with applications in industrial wastewater treatment for developing countries.