Assistant Professor, UAA

University: University of Alaska Anchorage

Department: Civil Engineering


  • PhD, Arizona State University, Civil and Environmental Engineering, August 2008.
  • MSE, Arizona State, University, Civil and Environmental Engineering, May 2005.
  • BS, University of Arizona, Civil Engineering, May 2003.

Research Interests:

Dr. Dotson’s recent focus has been directed toward small rural communities on a variety of fronts from low cost remote sensors, novel treatment technologies to operator training and community cooperation.  He also actively is engaged in research directed at improving food security and community understanding & acceptance of nearing industrial development. Beyond this research center, Dr. Dotson is leading at team in the Alaska Water and Sewer Challenge where they are designing household scale sustainable water and wastewater systems suitable for unserved homes in rural Alaska.

Center Involvement:

  • Activity Lead; Project 1: New Strategies for Technology Assessment and Implementation, Activity 5: Regional Alliance Strategy for Remote Rural Communities
  • Activity Lead; Project 2: Application of Photochemical Processes for the Design and Implementation of Sustainable Treatment for Small Systems, Activity 4: Integrated UV Membranes for Improved Process Performance

Dr. Aaron Dotson, Assistant Professor at University of Alaska Anchorage will direct Project 1, Activity 5.  Aaron will draw from experience implementing treatment technologies in rural Arizona and process assistance in rural Alaska gained over the past 15 years.

In addition, Aaron will lead the research for Project 2, Activity 4.  Aaron has over 15 years of experience in consulting and academics with pilot testing innovative technology. His current academic position enables him to utilize his design and advanced analytical experience to optimize process development and operation based on fundamental theory and past experience.