To effectively develop and test an assessment and implementation decision support tool, extensive stakeholder involvement is required. We have partnered with representatives from the appropriate state agencies in CO, NH, AK, CA and MA to form an Implementation Advisory Committee stakeholders group. Drawing upon the experience of these partners and RCAP, who have worked with over 2,000 small systems throughout the US, we will address the success and failures of the current assessment and implementation approaches, develop the criteria needed to be successful, and build and test a decision support tool that will allow utilities and state agencies to limit the inappropriate use of technologies and streamline the implementation of appropriate technologies. We will also engage our Canadian partner RES’EAU-WaterNET to learn from the past five years of their assessment and implementation experience.

Committee Members:

  • Jennifer Aieta, ACE Engineering
  • Ethan Brooke, PAX Water Technologies
  • Jake Crosby, USEPA
  • Bruce Dvorak, WINSSS
  • Adam Festger, Trojan Technologies
  • Tyson Ingles, CDPHE
  • Cynthia Klevens, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services
  • Martin Lopez, Lower Rio Grande PWWA
  • Darrell Osterhoudt, Association of State Drinking Water Administrators
  • Graciela Ramirez, Center for Environmental Education, Conservation and Research of the Inter American University of Puerto Rico
  • Warren Swanson, SGM