Professor, UNH

University: University of New Hampshire

Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering


  • PhD, University of Arizona, Civil Engineering, 1985.
  • MS, Virginia Tech, Sanitary Engineering, 1972.
  • BS, Virginia Tech, Civil Engineering, 1970.

Research Interests:
water treatment technologies for small systems involving innovative adsorptive media for arsenic removal, disinfection by-product precursor and pathogen reductions by biological filtration, development of engineering training modules for selected non-traditional technologies and post-treatment aeration

Center Involvement:

  • Activity Lead; Project 1: New Strategies for Technology Assessment and Implementation, Activity 4: Training Design Support Tool
  • Activity Lead; Project 3: Extended Biofiltration for the Control of Microbial Contaminants and Disinfection By-Products, Activity 1: Novel Roughing Filter Configurations and Enhancement Operations
  • Project Lead; Project 4: Distribution System Innovations, Activity Lead; Project 4: Distribution System Innovations, Activity 1: In-Line Pressurized Diffused Aeration for THM Removals

Dr. M. Robin Collins, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of New Hampshire and the Director of the EPA-funded (1999-2012) New England Water Treatment Technology Assistance Center and former Director of the 1st Field Testing Organization (FTO) for the EPA/NSF Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program for packaged water treatment systems. Robin has over 6 years experience as a state regulatory engineer, 2 years as a private consulting engineering, 3 years as a sanitary engineer in the US Army and over 29 years in a non-student academia position with 37 years working extensively with small water systems in 8 different states. Robin has been the major advisor to 2 PhD and 15 MS students who have focused on biofiltration systems, 4 MS students who focused on DE filtration systems, 3 MS students who focused on membrane filtration systems and 4 MS students who focused on aeration systems. Since 1999, Robin has directed and produced several different web-based engineering training modules. He has been a co-organizer and co-editor of 4 international conferences on slow sand and alternative biofiltration systems. Robin has also been a registered PE in 3 different states.