Alyson Packhem
Graduate Research Assistant, UNH

University: University of New Hampshire

Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering


  • MS, University of New Hampshire, Civil Engineering (in progress)
  • BS, University of New Hampshire, Environmental Engineering, 2014

Center Involvement:

  • Graduate Research Assistant; Project 1: New Strategies for Technology Assessment and Implementation, Activity 6: Polychromatic UV Technologies for Virus Inactivation.
Growing up in the Ocean State, Aly became interested in environmental engineering when many of the beaches around her were shut down due to pollution. She has worked on a number of research projects at the University of New Hampshire and at PWN Technologies in the Netherlands. Some of the projects included pharmaceutical removal using advanced oxidation and biofiltration, urine diversion and reuse from control of nitrogen in Great Bay Estuary, and the role of manganese in ceramic microfiltration fouling.  Aly’s role in the DeRISK Center is to provide field and laboratory analytical support to the team led by Dr. Jim Malley and graduate student, Rachael Kenny, on UV pilot testing that is on-going in Project 1 Activity 6.