Natalie Hull
Graduate Research Assistant, CU

University: University of Colorado Boulder

Department: Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering


  • PhD, University of Colorado Boulder, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering (in progress).
  • MS, University of Colorado Boulder, Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, 2013.
  • BS, University of Kentucky, Civil Engineering, 2010.​

Center Involvement:

  • Graduate Research Assistant; Project 2: Application of Photochemical Processes for the Design and Implementation of Sustainable Treatment for Small Systems, Activity 3: Emerging UV-LEDs for Improved Disinfection Efficiency.

In the Linden Lab, Natalie is currently conducting research on the potential toxicity of fracking flowback water and VOC (volatile organic compound) solutions, as measured using in vitro assays.  Natalie plans to continue research focusing on the cellular and molecular fundamentals of UV LEDs (ultraviolet light emitting diodes) for drinking water disinfection considering constraints including power consumption and ease of implementation.  She will apply that knowledge to design, construct, and test a reactor for use in small systems. Natalie plans to draw on molecular experiences from work in the Pace Lab (where metagenomic techniques were used to investigate drinking water system microbial ecology) as well as cellular experience gained in the Detweiler, Montoya, and Brion Labs during her previous graduate research.