Graduate Research Assistant, UNH

University: University of New Hampshire

Department: Civil & Environmental Engineering


  • MS, University of New Hampshire, Civil Engineering (in progress)
  • BS, University of New Hampshire, Environmental Engineering, 2016

Center Involvement:

  • Graduate Research Assistant; Project 1: New Strategies for Technology Assessment and Implementation, Activity 6: Polychromatic UV Technologies for Virus Inactivation.

Tyler is starting his first year of graduate work at University of New Hampshire. He has been involved in a variety of research projects throughout his undergraduate career at UNH. He has assisted in projects consisting of pharmaceutical remediation in drinking water, phosphorus recovery from wastewater, and performance monitoring of UV-based prototype products. During his time as an undergraduate, Tyler received a minor in Political Science and joined a peer-led effort to create UNH’s first student chapter of the Environmental and Water Resources Institute (EWRI). Tyler will base his graduate research on the performance and validation of the pilot UV system in Bethlehem, NH featuring an innovative low wavelength sensor integrated into the UV validated system monitoring.  Bethlehem is a small drinking water system that is one of the UV pilot locations used to meet the objectives of Project 1, Activity 6.