John Zhai in front of his his classroom

John Zhai wins CEAS Textbook Recognition Award

Jan. 11, 2024

Some architectural engineering text books were too general. Some were overly specific. However, Professor John Zhai has struck the perfect balance with his book, earning him the College of Engineering and Applied Science Textbook Recognition Award for "Energy Efficient Buildings: Fundamentals of Building Science and Thermal Systems."

Energy model for an existing nonprofit building.

CEAE group receives $8 million from DOE's Renew America Nonprofits program

Nov. 21, 2023

This 5-year-old project, led by Building Systems Professor Moncef Krarti, will provide technical assistance to nonprofits for energy-saving initiatives, with a strong emphasis on student involvement in renovating existing buildings.

John Zhai with community members in Indonesia in Dec. 2022

Building Systems professor receives Fulbright for holistic approach to indoor air quality

July 21, 2023

Professor John Z. Zhai, a building systems engineering and indoor air quality expert, received a Fulbright Fellowship to investigate indoor air quality (IAQ) in affordable housing in hot, humid climates, exploring both technical aspects and the impact of cultural practices.