CVEN 4899 Civil Engineering Senior Project Design is the culminating experience of the civil engineering curriculum, where you will complete a design project with a team of other CVEN students.  Each student on the team is assigned primary responsibility for one part of the project.  For example, one student is the structural lead for the project, one is the construction lead, etc.  This most often aligns with students' interests (a student focusing in Water Resources Engineering will be the water lead on their team), although sometimes students are required to take on a role outside their specialty (e.g., if there are unequal numbers of students focusing in each area).

The pre/co-requisites listed below are designed to ensure that every student has the necessary background to be the team lead in at least one subdiscipline.  You must meet at least one set of pre/co-requisites in order to take CVEN 4899.

In your junior year, you should meet with your academic advisor to discuss your interests and plan ahead to complete the necessary pre/co-requisites on time.  Some courses are offered only once per year.  They also have their own prerequisites that must be completed before you can take them.

Note: Students focusing in Environmental should talk to their advisor about Senior Design options.

CVEN 4899 Civil Engineering Senior Project Design requisites

Each student enrolled in CVEN 4899 must meet at least one set of requisites from this list:

Construction Engineering & Management

  • Prerequisite: CVEN 3256 Construction Equipment & Methods
  • Prerequisite: AREN 4506 Pre-Construction Estimating & Scheduling

Environmental Engineering

  • Pre- or co-requisite: CVEN 3424 Water and Wastewater Treatment

Geotechnical Engineering

  • Pre- or co-requisite: CVEN 3718 Geotechnical Engineering 2
  • Pre- or co-requisite: CVEN 4728 Foundation Engineering

Structural Engineering & Structural Mechanics

  • Prerequisite: CVEN 4555 Reinforced Concrete Design
  • Co-requisite: CVEN 4545 Steel Design

Water Resources Engineering

  • Pre- or co-requisite: CVEN 3323 Hydraulic Engineering
  • Pre- or co-requisite: CVEN 4333 Engineering Hydrology