Srikanth Madabhushi
Assistant Professor
Geotechnical Engineering & Geomechanics


  • BEng, Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2014
  • MEng MA (Hons) Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2015
  • PhD Geotechincal Engineering, University of Cambridge, 2018

Honors and Distinctions:

  • Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI) Summer Institute Travel Award · University of Texas, San Antonio, 2019
  • International conference of press-in engineering best presentation award · International Press-in Association, 2018 
  • IGS-Shamsher Prakash Biennial Award for best paper on Soil Dynamics in Indian Geotechnical Journal · Indian Geotechnical Society, 2017
  • 2017 · Philip Turner Prize · Outstanding work in Geotechnical Centrifuge Testing conducted at the Schofield Centre · Schofield Centre, CUED, 2017
  • Research Scholarship · Trinity College Cambridge, 2014-2017
  • Geotechnical Workshop 2nd Prize Poster · Atkins, 2016
  • National Best Dissertation Award · British Geotechnical Association, 2015
  • Performance prize for achieving a rank of 1st in Civil Engineering and 4th in the year overall · Trinity College Cambridge, 2014
  • Roscoe Prize for best performance in Geotechnical Engineering · CUED, 2014
  • 1st Prize for MEng dissertation in Geotechnical Engineering · Atkins, 2014
  • Fourth Year Project Presentation Award · CUED, 2014
  • Society of Construction Law Prize · CUED, 2013
  • Senior Scholarship · Trinity College Cambridge, 2013
  • Conceptual Product Design Project Award · CUED, 2011


  • Centrifuge Modeling
  • Multi-Hazard Modeling of Geotechnical and Civil Engineering systems
  • Static and Dynamic/Seismic Soil Structure Interaction
  • System level response to Soil Liquefaction
  • Comparative study between centrifuge modeling and numerical analyses
  • Instrumentation development and verification for geotechnical applications

Recent Publications:

  1. Madabhushi, S. S. C, & Haigh, S. K. (2021). On the dynamic response of flexible dual-row retaining walls in dry sand. Géotechnique.
  2. Madabhushi, S. S. C., & Haigh, S. K. (2020). Dual Row Retaining Walls in Dry Sand: The Influence of Wall Stiffness on the Seismic Response. Canadian Geotechnical Journal.
  3. Madabhushi, S. S. C., & Haigh, S. K. (2019). Centrifuge testing of dual row retaining walls in dry sand: The influence of earthquake sequence and multiple flights. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering125.
  4. Madabhushi, S. S. C., & Haigh, S. K. (2019). Using tactile pressure sensors to measure dynamic earth pressures around dual-row walls. International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics19(2), 58-71.
  5. Madabhushi, S. S. C., Haigh, S. K., & Madabhushi, S. P. G. (2018). LEAP-GWU-2015: Centrifuge and numerical modelling of slope liquefaction at the University of Cambridge. Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering113, 671-681.
  6. Madabhushi, S. S. C., Elshafie, M. Z. E. B., & Haigh, S. K. (2015). Accuracy of distributed optical fiber temperature sensing for use in leak detection of subsea pipelines. Journal of Pipeline Systems Engineering and Practice6(2), 04014014.
  7. Madabhushi, S. S. C., & Haigh, S. K. (2015). Investigating the changing deformation mechanism beneath shallow foundations. Géotechnique65(8), 684-693.