Can I tour the Engineering Center?
Yes, guided tours are offered Monday- Friday. Check the tours page for more information.

What classes should I take in high school to make a smooth transition to the program?
Some recommended courses for students to take in high school to transition into engineering are chemistry, physics, algebra, and calculus.  It is also a good idea to complete all of the MAPS requirements prior to attending the school of engineering.

What courses can transfer from a community college?
The College of Engineering and Applied Science has a detailed page with information on courses that will transfer.

How do I change my major to CEAE?
If you are not a college of engineering student already, look into the intra-university transfer website for information on how to get into the college.

If you are in the school of engineering, contact one of our advisors to set up a meeting to transfer over, in addition to completing the change of major form.

What are some of the major specific courses like?
Major specific courses are mainly hands on, labs and lectures to help students gain a good foundation of the topics.

How will AP and IB credit count towards my degree?
A document about how different AP or IB credit can apply to your degree is found here.

What humanities courses can I take?
Students can take any of the humanities courses listed on this page.

What if I was not admitted directly to the college of engineering freshman year, what can I do?
The Exploratory Studies program is designed to help students transition into engineering. Their website has more information on the academic process and how you can become an engineering student.

If I am struggling in a class, where can I go to get help?
There are various resources available to you including tutors, the BOLD Center and engineering ambassadors. More information is found here.