Gabi DunnCivil Engineering

Post-graduation plans: Manhard Consulting intern; return to CU in the fall to finish an MS in water resources engineering through the bachelor's–accelerated master's (BAM) program.

This overall award recognizes one undergraduate student who has maximized their educational experience in a holistic way, with accomplishment across several of the individual thematic award areas.

What is your favorite memory from your time at CU Boulder?
One of my favorite memories has been working on the concrete canoe with ASCE. It was cool to be able to design and develop unique designs (like a shark and Stegosaurus) and compete against other schools!

Tell us about a moment (or moments) when you felt like you hit your stride or felt like you were “officially” an engineer.
During my internship over the summer, I was able to work on hydraulic modeling for a 100-acre commercial site and learn how pipe and weir sizing is done in practice. I was able to begin designing it more on my own and was able to understand the process the more I did it. In that moment, I felt like I was "officially" an engineer.

What is your biggest piece of advice for incoming engineering students?
Take advantage of extra-curricular activities and competitions! You can learn a lot about your interests and where you see yourself in your career, and you get to apply what you learn in classes in fun ways.

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