Fernando Rosario-Ortiz
Associate Professor
Environmental Engineering • Engineering for Developing Communities

Office: SEEC S295B


  • B.S. in Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, 1999
  • M.S. in Chemistry, California Institute of Technology, 2002
  • D.Env. in Environmental Science and Engineering, University of California, Los Angeles, 2006

Honors and Distinctions:

  • University of Colorado,Boulder, Provost Faculty Achievement Award, 2016
  • Shaye Faculty Fellowship, University of Colorado, Boulder 2016-2019
  • Best paper award, Journal American Water Works Association, 2016
  • College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean’s Award for Outstanding Junior Faculty, University of Colorado Boulder, 2015
  • National Science Foundation CAREER award, 2015
  • College of Engineering and Applied Science Dean’s Award for Professional Development, University of Colorado Boulder, 2014
  • Excellence in Review Award, Environmental Science and Technology, 2014
  • Faculty research development award, Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, 2014
  • American Water Works Association, Water Science & Research Division Volunteer Recognition Award, 2014
  • Outstanding Faculty Award, Student Leadership Council, College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado Boulder, 2013

Professional Affiliations:

  • American Chemical Society (1995-present)
  • American Water Works Association (2003-present)
  • Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (2008-present)
  • International Humic Substances Society (2005-present)


  • Environmental Photochemistry
  • Oxidation Chemistry
  • Water quality and treatment

Latest Publications:

  1. Hohner, A. K.; Gilmore, P. L.; Townsend, E.; Summers, R. S.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Water treatment process evaluation of wildfire-affected sediment leachates. Submitted to Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, 2017, In Press
  2. Cawley, K.; Hohner, A.K.; McKee, G.; Borch, T.; Omur-Ozbek, P.; Oropeza, J.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Characterization and spatial distribution of particulate and soluble carbon and nitrogen from wildfire impacted sediments. Journal of Soils and Sediments, 2017, In Press
  3. Cawley, K. M.; Hohner, A. K.; Podgotski, D. C.; Cooper, W. T.; Korak, J. A.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Molecular and spectroscopic characterization of water extractable organic matter from soils exposed to simulated wildfire conditions reveal insight into disinfection byproduct precursors. Environmental Science and Technology, 2017, 51, 2, 771-779
  4. Raseman, W. J.; Kasprzyk, J. R.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L.; Stewart, J.; Livneh, B. Decision support systems for water treatment under climate extremes: A critical review. Environmental Science: Water Research and Technology, 2017, 3, 18-36
  5. Rosario-Ortiz, F. L.; Canonica, S. Probe compounds to assess the photochemical activity of dissolved organic matter. Environmental Science and Technology, 2016, 50, 23, 12532, 12547
  6. Hohner, A. K.; Cawley, K.; Oropeza, J.; Summers, R. S.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Drinking water treatment response following a Colorado wildfire. Water Research, 2016, 105, 187-198
  7. McKay, G.; Couch, K. ; Mezyk, S. P.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Investigation of the coupled effects of molecular weight and charge transfer interactions on the optical and photochemical properties of dissolved organic matter. Environmental Science and Technology, 2016, 50, 15, 8093-8102
  8. Mostafa, S.; Rubinato, M.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L.; Linden, K. G. Impact of light screening and photosensitization by surface water organic matter on E. faecalis inactivation. Environmental Engineering Science, 2016, 33, 6, 365-373
  9. Rosario-Ortiz, F. L.; Rose, J. B.; Speight, V. L.; von Gunten, U.; Schnoor, J. How do you like your tap water? Science, 2016, 351, 6276, 912-914
  10. Arias, M.; Cawley, K.; Rosario-Ortiz, F. L. Enhanced DOC removal using anion and cation ion exchange resins. Water Research, 2016, 88, 1, 981-989