Basic Engineering Elective

CEAE students are encouraged to take GEEN 1400 Engineering Projects, but a basic engineering elective may be substituted.  This is most common for students who transfer into the College of Engineering & Applied Science after their first year.

A basic engineering elective is any 3‐credit technical course given in the engineering college with a designator ASEN, AREN, APPM, CHEN, COEN, CVEN, CSCI, ECEN, EMEN, EVEN, GEEN, or MCEN, or other course approved by the CEAE Curriculum Committee.  Remedial courses (precalculus, etc.) or courses approved as HSS electives may not be used.

Additional basic engineering electives approved by the CEAE Curriculum Committee:

  • ATLS 1300 Computational Foundations 1
  • ATLS 1710 Tools and Methods for Engineering Computing
  • BMEN 2000 Introduction to Biomedical Engineering

Important to know:

  • If you missed the opportunity to take GEEN 1400 but still want to take a projects course, consider GEEN 2400 Engineering Projects for the Community or GEEN 3400 Invention & Innovation.
  • Architectural Engineering students interested in Construction Engineering & Management may want to consider taking CVEN 2012 Intro to Geomatics as a basic engineering elective or free elective.

Free Elective

A free elective can be any college‐level course, except:

  • Cannot be remedial courses needed to fulfill deficiencies (precalculus, introductory chemistry, etc.)
  • Cannot be similar to other courses used toward graduation requirements (algebra‐based physics, etc.)

Free elective requirements and approved courses vary by major/department.  Courses that are approved free electives for other majors may not be accepted for your degree.  Make sure you're referring to the information above when choosing free electives, and contact your advisor with questions.