Published: Sept. 3, 2019

Renée RailsbackSenior Professional Research Associate Renée Railsback was awarded the National Local Technical Assistance Program Achievement Award at the association’s conference in Vermont this month. 

This is the highest award presented by the National LTAP Association to an individual in recognition of their dedication, leadership and effectiveness in promoting the goals and purposes of the National LTAP, a national Federal Highway Administration transportation training program. 

Railsback is the Colorado LTAP director, which is sponsored by the CU Boulder Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering. She was recognized for her years of service to the association as president, regional representative, safety chair and member of several other committees.  

Railsback said she was surprised to have been chosen and referred to the award as “a beacon of light for a bright future.” She also recently won the Colorado Public Works Leader of the Year Award presented by the American Public Works Association. 

LTAP Achievement Award nominees are evaluated on the impact of their accomplishments, leadership quality and dedication to the program.  The LTAP conference was co-sponsored and attended by the National Transportation Training Directors, an active network of training leaders of state departments of transportation.