Published: March 7, 2019

CEAE undergrads in the Civil Engineering Senior Project Design course are working  to design the new Northwater Treatment Plant (NTP) for Denver Water. These design-build projects are being created by 13 multidisciplinary teams of 6 students who must design and and plan the project. At the end of the semester, they will present the projects as construction bids to Denver Water, with one group’s project being chosen. This class was the subject of a recent Denver Water Tap article and video documenting their NTP site visit.

The NTP will both add to Denver Water’s northern network capacity and replace aging components of the existing Moffat Treatment Plant. The expanded capacity will utilize the additionally capacity of Gross Reservoir to deliver 75 million gallons of treated water per day to the northern part of the Denver Metropolitan Area.

The Senior Project Design course offers all Civil Engineering students a real-world opportunity to implement their knowledge within their chosen specialties before they graduate. Since the project contains water, geotechnical, structural, and construction components, each student will offer a unique set of knowledge and experience to their team. Additionally, it is a great opportunity for students to understand how projects are designed and implemented and learn about their roles as engineers. Finally, students receive the opportunity to receive feedback from both their professors and industry professionals that they can use to improve as engineers and become more attractive employment candidates.

Students recently presented Conceptual Designs for the NTP and will build on these designs and feedback from professors and Denver Water as they work toward their final designs and presentations.

More information about the North System Reneway at Denver Water