Published: Nov. 12, 2018

Associated General Contractors (AGC) of ColoradoThe Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Colorado recognized the CU Boulder Construction Engineering Management (CEM) program with a 2018 Construction Education Challenge Award. Programs that demonstrated an impact on construction while working to encourage student engagement, education and leadership were considered for the award.

Our CEM program recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and has cultivated a tradition of high quality education. Our program has focused on preparing students for success as engineers within the diverse and changing construction industry.  

Industry collaboration

While we have always worked to provide an excellent education, in 2012 our CEM program established a new emphasis on university/industry collaboration, with the development of the CEM program’s industry advisory board, which include 39 contractor and owner organizations from throughout the Rocky Mountain and West Coast regions of the United States. This allows us to remain up to date on industry innovation and ensure that students who graduate from the program are prepared to work with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other new construction technology.

CU CEM Industry Board

CU CEM Industry Advisory Board

Student enrichment

The next step CEM took was the creation of our enrichment program in 2015. This program has allowed students in CEM participate in service, study abroad, research, and internships. Students have had the opportunity to participate in organizations such as Engineers Without Borders (EWB), Bridges to Prosperity (B2P) and Habitat for Humanity. This, in addition to the CEM dedicated career fairs launched in Fall 2016, have increased the employability of students within the CEM program. Finally, a mentorship program was introduced in Spring 2017 to give students the opportunity to ask questions and build relationships with young professionals. CU Boulder also has an excellent AGC chapter through which students connect with the construction industry. Our AGC chapter reinforces the connections that have made the program an exemplary industry partner.


2018 CU CEM 50th Anniversary Celebration

2018 CU CEM 50th Anniversary Celebration

Along with the establishment of industry collaboration, CEM has strived to stay up to date with its curriculum. One recent development was the integration of Estimating, Scheduling, and Contracts courses into new Pre-Construction Estimating and Scheduling and Project Execution and Control courses. Our students now participate in the most technically advanced course on BIM within the Front Range. Contractors can hire from our program, confident that graduates will be able to help them meet the trend of the global construction industry shifting toward widespread adoption of BIM. The CEM Industry Advisory board oversaw these changes, which have helped students prepare to work in the modern integrated construction industry.    

The Associated General Contractors (AGC) of Colorado help modernize and improve construction throughout the state. Their recognition of our CEM program demonstrates the quality of education our program offers. By focusing on constant adaptation to keep our program up to date with the modern construction industry, our CEM program develops the next generation of construction professionals.