Published: June 5, 2015
Conference attendees tour CU lighting lab

Students, faculty and alumni of architectural engineering were among the presenters at the Council for Optical Radiation Measurements’ (CORM) 2015 Technical Conference this spring at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

More than 40 attendees gathered at the Engineering Center for the three-day event, which was focused on bringing together industry, academic and government professionals to discuss the development of physical standards, calibration services and inter-laboratory collaboration programs in the lighting industry.

Mark Jongewaard (ArchEngr’91), CU-Boulder lecturer and owner of LTI Optics in Westminster, Colo., said CU-Boulder was chosen to host the event because of its highly regarded Lighting Program.

“It was a good fit to be able to take advantage of CU’s lighting background,” he said. “The attendees also really enjoyed the student session, so we plan to make that a fixture of the conference in the future.”

During the student session, recent BS/MS program graduate Mio Stanley gave a presentation on her thesis work on a multi-sphere HDR imaging calibration system, while Austin Atkins introduced independent study work he completed in spectral lamp model performance variations.

Jongewaard, Calvin Lanpher (ArchEngr’08) and Shelly Miller, associate professor of mechanical engineering, also presented on various photometry and radiometry research. 

Conference attendees also got the chance to tour CU-Boulder’s lighting laboratory, as well as labs at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), for whom CORM documents industry needs.

“NIST needs to be at the heart of developing standard references for lighting measurements, and (CORM) helps make that connection between the industry and NIST,” Jongewaard said.