Published: March 26, 2015
NSF CAREER awards graphic

This year, the College of Engineering and Applied Science has an unprecedented number of National Science Foundation CAREER award winners, with seven junior faculty earning this prestigious honor. Two of them – assistant professors Shideh Dashti and Fernando Rosario-Ortiz – are from the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering.

Dashti plans to use her award to create a new approach for evaluating the behavior of clusters of buildings on liquefiable ground during earthquakes, and pave the way toward designing mitigation measures that improve building performance at a system level. 

Rosario-Ortiz aims to understand the impact of wastewater effluent organic matter on photochemical processes within wastewater-dominated surface waters, focusing on the formation of reactive intermediates and their ultimate reactivity in aqueous media.

Congratulations to Shideh and Fernando!