Published: Aug. 20, 2014

Sustain Human Devlpmnt_front.indd Bernard Amadei, Ph.D., professor of civil engineering at CU-Boulder, recently released a new book, “Engineering for Sustainable Human Development: A Guide to Successful Small Scale Community Projects,” through the ASCE Press. In his book, Amadei addresses the role of engineering in human development and poverty reduction. He introduces a framework that combines traditional concepts used by development agencies with modern techniques of engineering project management and systems thinking. Taken together, these concepts and techniques provide engineers better methods to conduct small-scale projects in developing communities. This multidisciplinary approach will be valuable to future engineers, as it will teach them to operate in environments vulnerable to the consequences of adverse events in a creative and innovative manner. Amadei’s experience as the founding president of Engineers Without Borders-USA, a nonprofit organization established to support community-driven programs in developing countries, and time spent working in developing areas provided him the knowledge and experience necessary to devise the integrative framework discussed in his book. Prior to this release, Amadei had co-authored two books and approximately 180 technical papers covering a multitude of disciplines. He is currently in the process of writing another book, “Systems Dynamic Modeling of Community Development Projects,” which is set to be published by Momentum Press.