Published: Jan. 14, 2013

The Pan American Academy of Engineering recently inducted Keith Molenaar, department chair and professor of the Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, based on his engineering contributions to Pan American markets.

Molenaar, who has completed extensive international work as a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers' International Activities Committee, has committed much of his career towards education, research and service in Central and South America.  He has worked on cost and schedule risk analysis for the Panama Canal Expansion project, applied design-build project delivery and lean production methods to building projects in Chile through a Fulbright fellowship, and conducted a service project with students from the University of Colorado to supply water to a rural community in Paposa, Chile through a fog collection system.

As part of the ASCE International Activities Committee, Molenaar has focused on improving the mobility of engineering education in Pan America. With improved education mobility, Pan American engineers can broaden their experiences by working across international lines and better support today’s global economy.

“My research and service activities have helped me to understand the need for a high level of engineering education throughout the Americas,” Molenaar says. “Having the recognition of the Academy will allow me to have more impact on the development of policy and influence of governmental actions around engineering and improving the quality of life for developing communities. I see this as a door to be able to better serve the developing communities and the United States. These activities can help us work with new students from abroad and give us a chance to make a stronger impact on what civil engineers do, which is serve society and improve the quality of life.”

The Pan American Academy of Engineering, which helps improve the development of countries in North and South America, chooses to induct members based on their ethical, academic and professional values as well as their contributions toward engineering’s progression in Pan America.