Student Ambassadors

Your Guide to Admitted Student Day 2019

Ashton Matthews, Jordy Frankel, Alyssa Radtke, Amber Arline and Evan Martinez Student Ambassador Organization Executive Team

Joy Barber

Participating in the CU-LEAD Alliance Program

When I first came to the University of Colorado Boulder, I was a little overwhelmed with the size of campus. With more than 30,000 students, I was afraid that I would get lost amongst my peers. A large student body can make you feel like a small fish in a...

Tristan Myers

Participating in undergraduate research

Where are you originally from? I was born in New York City but later moved to Colorado Springs, CO where I grew up. What are you studying? I am majoring in Biochemistry and minoring in Spanish and Portuguese Have you participated in any research opportunities? Yes, my freshman and sophomore...

Nathan Mpiana

Taking advantage of Leeds resources and support services

Where are you originally from? Kasai Oriental, Democratic Republic of the Congo Why did you choose CU Boulder / Leeds School of Business? I chose to come to CU Boulder because of the beautiful town and great weather here. Additionally, I chose the Leeds School of Business because of its...

Emily Carpey

Top reasons for choosing the Leeds School of Business

May 1 st is right around the corner, and we are so excited to have our newest class of 2022 on campus next fall! It’s one of the most exciting times of your life, but it can also be a little overwhelming. If the college decision making process overwhelms you...

Charles Smith

Participating in the Leeds First-Year Global Experience

Where are you originally from? Denver, CO Why did you choose CU Boulder / Leeds School of Business? As someone whose interests range from finance, public policy, and healthcare to entrepreneurship and travel, I needed a place that catered to it all. CU Boulder intertwines a challenging curriculum with the...

Emma Falkenberry

Reflecting back on my #BoulderBound journey

As a native Rhode Islander , I struggled to make my final college decision. I knew that I wanted to attend a large university with both on and off-campus opportunities. Additionally, I knew that I wanted to leave Rhode Island for several reasons, including wanting to explore a different region...

Olivia Wittenberg

Two majors, one minor and a certificate!

For me, CU was never really on the radar in terms of where I would go to college. Being from the Pacific Northwest and not wanting to stray too far from my green, beautiful home by the ocean, I had it in my head that I would most likely attend...

Ryan Gomez

Deciding to go out of state

My name is Ryan Gomez, and I am originally from San Dimas, California, a small town about an hour out of LA. I am studying environmental engineering with a minor in engineering management. When people ask me about how I made the choice to come to Boulder, I usually explain...

Emmi Lindsey

Getting real world experience in music education

To be frank, I initially chose CU Boulder because of the scholarships I received. However, I also knew that I would be part of a rigorous and high quality music program where students and faculty were dedicated and knowledgeable. I also love Boulder in general. Location was important to me...