The Conflicts of Interest & Commitment (COIC) Office can be contacted by phone at (303) 492-3024 or via email at  For additional information, please visit the COIC webpage.

If you... You should... RIO involvement/contact

…(or any family member with whom you have a close relationship) meet, or expect to meet, any of the below itemized thresholds regarding external entities that either:

  1. Fund your University research and/or scholarly or creative activities, or
  2. Engage in commercial or research activities that directly relate to your University activities, then…

…have an equity interest or ownership (e.g., stocks, stock options, other ownership interests, or entitlements to the same) valued at ≥$5,000 in a publicly owned/traded business entity, then…

…have an equity interest or ownership valued at ANY amount in a privately owned/traded business entity, then…

…hold a seat on the board of directors or advisory board, then…

…hold an executive position in the entity (e.g., director, officer, decision-maker, etc.), then…

  • disclose the finalized activity in your annual or updated Disclosure of External Professional Activities (DEPA), including, but not limited to, the following information:
    • Business/organization/project name,
    • Business/organization/project type,
    • Affiliated foreign country(ies),
    • Amount/value of compensation/expenses,
    • Relationship to your University role and research,
    • Involvement of other University personnel, and
    • Days on/off campus.
  • update your DEPA within 30 days of a status change as necessary.
  • disclose to your supervising authority.
  • refrain from the use of University resources, including facilities, equipment, employees, and students, without prior approval.
  • refrain from making decisions on behalf of the University when those decisions benefit, or appear to benefit, you (or your family), including those financial in nature.

The Office of Conflicts of Interest & Commitment (COIC) can be contacted by phone at (303) 492-3024 or via email at

  • COIC has been engaged to confirm the management of any actual and/or potential conflict.
  • COIC reviews and screens relationships disclosed via the DEPA.