CU Boulder encourages innovation, scholarship and research that lead to commercial and consulting activities and global engagement. Such activities, however, have the potential to lead to conflicts of interest and commitment.

  • Interest refers to personal considerations that may affect, or appear to affect, your professional judgment.
  • Commitment refers to a situation in which outside relationships or activities interfere with, or appear to interfere with, your commitment to University duties and responsibilites. 

Submitting a disclosure, vetting potential conflicts, and managing through set procedures helps to protect you, your department and the University. 

If you are involved in research activities on campus, our policies require you to report potential conflicts including, but not limited to consulting activities, external entities and foreign affiliations. Areas of concern include scientific integrity; protection of students' academic interests/ progression; protection of human subjects; protection of intellectual property; and misuse of university funds, services or facilities.

The Conflicts of Interest & Commitment Office thanks you in advance for your continued commitment to upholding the highest standards of ethics and compliance, in part through your annual disclosure.

CU Boulder Personnel Required to Disclose via the DEPA