Training Sessions

Contact the COIC office to arrange information sessions and training regarding conflicts of interest and commitment:

COIC Compliance Director

Video Tutorial

A general training video (approximately 6 minutes) is available at the link below.

Watch Video

Note: This video provides a good foundation for all persons reporting through the DEPA reporting system. The NIH/PHS reference in the title simply reflects that such training is a federal requirement for those specific groups. At this time, only NIH and PHS researchers must certify from within the DEPA reporting system that they have viewed this training.

Training Certification

Educational training must be certified from within the DEPA reporting system by all PHS/NIH disclosers:

    • Prior to engaging in any grant or contract funded by the U. S. Public Health Service (including NIH)
    • At least every four years after initial training
    • When warranted by other circumstances, such as noncompliance

    The University of Colorado Boulder COIC video tutorial for NIH/PHS researchers is also embedded into the DEPA reporting process. If the NIH/PHS COI training requirement has been met, the date of training will automatically populate on the DEPA disclosure form and the reporting process can continue. NIH/PHS researchers who have not satisfied the training requirement will be directed to follow a link to the training module where they can view the informational content and click to certify completion. Once completed, researchers can easily return ot the DEPA reporting form so that it, too, can be completed. An approved COIC reporting status for NIH/PHS researchers is contingent upon the training requirement being satisfied.