Invention Disclosure Online Form

Allows university researchers to inform Venture Partners that research in their department has resulted in a discovery.

 Copyrighted Material Submission Form

Allows university to inform Venture Partners of the creation of new copyrighted materials, including software or designs.

 Standard Addendum for Consulting and Third Party Employment

To facilitate a University employee's permitted consulting activities and/or role in a third party business, such as a startup company, the University has adopted a standard addendum to be included in associated agreements. The addendum ensures that any consulting/employment agreement does not conflict with the University Intellectual Property Policy.


CU Boulder Royalty Distribution

When the university licenses inventions to partnering companies, the university may receive royalties or other forms of economic consideration. This licensing revenue is distributed according to university policy, as follows:

  • 25% to the inventor(s) personally
  • 25% to the inventor’s/inventors’ research/lab account(s)
  • 25% to the Chancellor (these funds then support research with high technology transfer potential, through the Chancellor’s Innovation Awards)
  • 25% to the Research and Innovation Office to support technology transfer operations

More Details on License Revenue Distribution

Tax Information

The IRS has issued a Technical Advice Memorandum (TAM) that may have a significant impact on income tax reporting for royalty payments received by faculty inventors. CU provides a Form 1099 each year to faculty receiving these payments.