Intellectual property (IP) is a critical part of bringing your innovation out of the lab and into the market, which is also known as a commercialization strategy. Venture Partners creates and implements an IP strategy for your research and creative works so you can understand your IP rights and obligations as you work with various collaborators, research sponsors and industry partners. We manage and fund IP for hundreds of university inventions each year, and The University of Colorado System is among the top 20 universities in the world for issued patents. 

An effective IP strategy is highly dependent on:

  • the area of innovation (for example, biotech vs. software apps)
  • commercialization goals (such as creating a startup vs. forming an industry partnership)
  • type of IP (such as copyright vs. patents)

A strong IP strategy provides a competitive advantage in the market and is absolutely necessary to attract startup investment or commercial partnership. While a strong IP strategy is necessary, an IP strategy alone cannot guarantee that your product will be successful in the market. Once you initiate an IP strategy with our team, we will direct you to other Venture Partners resources (such as entrepreneurially-focused workshops, mentorship and funding) so you can learn how to successfully commercialize your innovation.

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