Sponsors sometimes request a revised budget after a proposal has been submitted. If an official award has already been issued, you will need to work with your assigned Grant or Contract Officer to collect the revised figures from the department and submit the revision to the sponsor. If the award has not yet been issued, work with your Proposal Analyst to interpret sponsor requirements, draft a new budget and submit thte revised budget to the sponsor as instructed. Once you have agreed upon a revised budget, your Proposal Analyst will submit the budget per the sponsor’s instructions.

Whenever possible, it is CU Boulder’s policy to update salary and fringe benefit rates if they have changed since the time of proposal submission. Changes to the indirect cost rate will happen if the revised budget request is prior to an award being issued. After award, the rates used at time of proposal submission will generally be applied to all revised budgets.

Who is responsible for revised budgets?

When is the revised budget needed?

Responsible for making changes

Can provide guidance

Submits on behalf of CU

Before an award is made to CU

OCG Proposal Analyst

Principal Investigator and or Department Administrator

OCG Proposal Analyst

After an award is made to CU

Principal Investigator and/or Department Administrator

OCG Grant or Contract Officer

OCG Grant or Contract Officer

Who is responsible for revised spend plans? 

The Principal Investigator and/or the Department Administrator are responsible for ensuring projects are on target with the information detailed in the award.  If there is a need to develop a revised spend plan, burn rates, etc. to ensure progress, this is the sole responsibility of the Principal Investigator and/or the Department Administrator.  OCG Grant Officer or Contact Officer would only be involved if the revised spend plan needs to be transmitted to the sponsor.