You will generally need to involve your Proposal Analyst whenever you plan to submit a proposal through the University and/or you expect funding to go through the University.

According to OCG policy, you must send your Proposal Submission Request (PSR) formbudget, and budget justification to your Proposal Analyst at least five business days in advance of the sponsor deadline. It is important to contact your Proposal Analyst as early as possible in the process in order to ensure sufficient time to analyze sponsor and program guidelines, help develop your budget, and review your full proposal for compliance with agency and other guidelines.

Preliminary Proposals, also known as concept papers or white papers, do not require OCG involvement unless a budget is included, or if the sponsor requires that an Authorized Official (also called Authorized Organizational Representative, Signing Official, etc.) submit the pre-proposal through OCG. For example, certain pre-proposals must be submitted through NSF FastLane or by your Proposal Analyst. If you are uncertain about whether or not to involve OCG, please contact your Proposal Analyst and s/he will help you to make the appropriate determination.