Updated 12/1/2021

OCG staff that are approved to register for a conference or to renew their membership in a professional association should follow the following steps:

  • Jessica Trowbridge will be purchasing virtual conference registrations and membership renewals for OCG.
  • Once one of these items are approved, managers will forward the approval email from Gary and/or Alexa to Jessica on the direct report that needs to be registered for a conference or needs a membership renewal.
  • Jessica will contact the direct report on next steps.

Conference Registrations that include Travel

  1. Register for the conference using your Travel card.
  2. Flights should be purchased through Concur.
  3. If you need a refresher on Travel procedures, please see the Procurement website.
  4. Reconcile travel purchases once you return from the conference.
  5. Let Jessica know if you need any assistance.

Virtual Conference Registrations

  1. If it is a basic registration (Name and email address), Jessica will sign the employee up and send a confirmation once completed.
  2. If the registration requires detailed information, the employee fills out the registration information and does a Teams call with Jessica to provide P-Card information.

Membership Renewal

  1. Jessica will contact the direct report when membership renewal is approved.
  2. Jessica will ask the employee for their username and password to log into their account and renew membership.
  3. Jessica will send a confirmation email once everything is completed.