OCG continues to invest in the professional development program for OCG staff through FranklinCovey’s training products. 

All OCG staff are required to complete the Speed of Trust workshop. The All Access Pass for online modules and other FranklinCovey workshops is activated for every OCG employee to use throughout the year in areas such as time management, email management, convening collaborative meetings, project management, leadership and many other topics.  

Trust is the Foundation

  • Trust was identified as an area of focus keeping in line with OCG’s commitment to sustaining a culture of organizational excellence.
  • Leading at the Speed of Trust is a well-constructed, valid and reliable framework for building a high trust culture.

Why FranklinCovey?

  • FranklinCovey is a global company specializing in performance improvement that requires a change in human behavior.
  • They have a solid and impressive track record, and provide a quality set of products “without reinventing the wheel” that can be facilitated in a way that makes them meaningful to our setting and work.

Deployment Strategy for OCG

  • All OCG staff are expected to take Speed of Trust.
  • OCG staff will work with their supervisor and Nicole Jenkins to build their own impact journeys to take advantage of other offerings that meet their individual needs.
  • Nicole will oversee this program and be conducting/coordinating the workshops and discussion groups.
  • Continuous delivery will be deployed offering workshops and discussion groups multiple times to accommodate varied needs among attendees over the course of the year.