The process for submitting fellowship proposals will vary depending on whether an institutional endorsement of the application is required by the funding source, as follows:

  • Submissions requiring an institutional endorsement are submitted through the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG)
  • Submissions that do not require an institutional endorsement but for which the funding will go to CU Boulder and not directly to the student are submitted through OCG
  • Submissions that do not require an institutional endorsement may be submitted directly by the student per sponsor guidelines if the funding will go directly to the student

All fellowship submissions submitted through OCG are treated as a standard proposal and obtain the same documentation as other proposals.

As soon as you have identified a fellowship that you would like to apply to, contact your Proposal Analyst and include the Proposal Submission Request Form (PSR) in your email. The advisor and student must sign the PSR.

Your Proposal Analyst will direct you to the appropriate budget template for the fellowship, help you to comply with sponsor guidelines, and review your full proposal prior to submission.


Most fellowships only award tuition amounts sufficient to cover the cost of In-State tuition. Out-of-State and International student fellowship applicants especially need to be aware that their tuition may not be covered by a fellowship. It is the responsibility of all student fellowship applicants:

  • To know how much of their tuition will be covered by a fellowship;
  • To ensure they are aware of the options to cover the additional tuition costs. Options may include supplemental support from campus departments and, for out-of-state U.S. citizen students, applying for in-state status after the first year;
  • To confer with their department or the Graduate School regarding tuition options before applying for fellowships, if not approved for In-State tuition; and
  • To inform OCG Proposal Analysts when developing a fellowship budget if you need to include out-of-state tuition.

For additional information, see Fellowships and Student Research Agreements and Detailed Proposal Process.