Published: March 18, 2022

Your OCG Proposal Analyst is your partner throughout the proposal process, including pre-proposal activities such as Letters of Intent, white papers, Step 1 proposals, etc. OCG has recently experienced issues meeting submission deadlines with PIs not contacting OCG during the pre-proposal process and systems requiring an Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR, such as OCG Proposal Analysts) to complete submission. While some systems notify all of OCG’s AORs about pending submissions, we cannot rely on these notifications for Proposal Analysts to complete a submission.

To ensure that all steps are done and completed to the Sponsor’s system requirements in time for deadlines, PIs should always reach out to their department's assigned Proposal Analyst. Your Proposal Analyst can ensure timely attention to all types of submissions. Having your Proposal Analyst involved in these early activities also creates awareness of potential upcoming projects that may be related to or result from your initial submission.