Published: June 7, 2019

OCG has updated the following budget templates, now available on the OCG forms webpage:

  • Cost Estimation Tool
  • Simple Cost Estimation Tool
  • NIH Modular Budget Cost Estimation Tool
  • NIH F Series Cost Estimation Tools

Changes include updated inflation rates, addition of the IDC Addendum to certain templates, changes to the IDC Addendum (no longer have to calculate IDC dollar amount lost), and additional built in calculations and formatting changes.

Of special note: OCG has added a new tab to the Cost Estimation Tool, which will assist PIs in preparing detailed travel tables for their budget justification (required for NSF and some other sponsors). Once the budget is complete, all the PI needs to do is go the Travel Table tab, hide any unused rows and columns, and then copy and paste the table to their budget justification. The formatting should be appropriate for NSF requirements.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding template changes, please reach out to your Proposal Analyst.