Published: April 7, 2017

Two new procedural statements have been approved and posted regarding IDC on the Transfer of Existing Subawards and Sponsor Contact Guidance. These procedural statements are the outcome of two working groups comprised of staff from the Office of Contracts and Grants, Sponsored Projects Accounting and campus stakeholders.

IDC on the Transfer of Existing Subawards

This procedural statement provides guidance on the charging of indirect costs when an existing outgoing subaward is changed during the life of a project. Full IDC will be charged on the first $25,000 of all new subawards that are issued to an institution when subawards are modified in the following cases:

  • To continue the work of a subrecipient PI who has transferred to a new institution;
  • To replace an existing subrecipient with another;
  • To issue additional funding to a subrecipient when a supplemental proposal results in an expanded scope of work for the subrecipient.

Sponsor Contact Guidance

This guidance document provides detail on both pre- and post-award roles of investigators and other sponsored project personnel, departments, the Office of Contracts and Grants (OCG), and Sponsored Projects Accounting (SPA) for contacting a project’s sponsor.

Adhering to these guidelines will enable investigators and any sponsored project personnel to focus on research and facilitate efficient and effective communication throughout the award administration process.