Published: Aug. 18, 2016

CU Boulder is participating in a clearinghouse pilot program for outgoing subawards through the Federal Demonstration Partnership (FDP) that went "live" August 18, 2016. The goals of this clearinghouse pilot are to:

  • Reduce administrative burden associated with subawards
  • Eliminate swapping of subrecipient commitment forms in favor of an on-line, up-to-date and standardized subrecipient data repository
  • Determine if such a repository effectively reduces the data collection and review burden for pass-through entitities and subrecipients

Each member of the pilot (including CU Boulder) completed an entity profile that is available on the FDP website. These profiles will be used instead of subcommitment forms for pilot entities.

What this means for CU Boulder

  • This pilot is only for select universities. No non-university or for-profit partners are participating in the pilot.
  • For all outgoing and incoming subs on a proposal, Proposal Analysts, PIs and others pulling together information should check the FDP website to see if the entity is in the pilot program.
  • If the other institution is on the list, OCG will no longer request or provide subcommitment forms.
  • All entities in the pilot will either request a letter of commitment from the other institution, or if we are the sub we will provide a similar letter of commitment. This letter of commitment provides information not on the entity profile.
  • If we receive a request for a subcommitment form from an institution in the pilot, we will request to send a letter of commitment.
  • We will use the entity profile for any information needed for proposal forms.
  • For all other institutions that not are not on the pilot list, we must continue to collect or provide a subcommitment form.
  • Once an award comes in and it is routed to the Subcontracts team for processing the Subcontract Officer will pull up the subcontractor’s entity profile and use it in place of the subcommitment form.

Contact your Proposal Analyst or Subcontract Officer for a copy of the letter of commitment template and if you have any questions. The OCG Unit Directory provides all OCG staff assigned to each department.