Southern Colorado music being preserved by this CU project (Oct. 15, 2021, 9News)
Our American Music Research Center's "Soundscapes of the People" project records historic music tailored to southern Colorado. "The long term goals of this project is that people will be able to have access and have something tangible to listen, see and maybe touch in some way, the items of their heritage their roots right and building identity," says Dr. Xochitl Chavez. 

Museum of Boulder’s ‘Music Buffs’ showcases history of CU’s College of Music, iconic venues and more (Oct. 13, 2021, Daily Camera)
We're thrilled about the Museum of Boulder's latest exhibit looking at CU Boulder’s lineage of onsite music programming, sought-out on-campus concert venues and providing a glimpse into the College of Music’s future. Among other events and activities, on Nov. 5, Professor of Musicology Laurie Sampsel will present "A Guided Tour of Colorado Songs,” providing insight into 20 songs inspired by the Centennial State.

University of Colorado Boulder reflects on progress, hurdles in diversity work (Oct. 10, 2021, Daily Camera)
Progress is happening in programs like the Diverse Musicians’ Alliance, where university staff and students work together to empower underrepresented artists. "Students have done a great job of challenging the College of Music to challenge themselves, of pushing people out of their comfort zones," said Alma Ramos, (former) diversity and outreach coordinator for the college. 

Museum of Boulder exhibit explores history of CU's College of Music (Oct. 6, 2021, CU Boulder Today)
The Museum of Boulder has partnered with the College of Music to create a pop-up exhibit exploring the history of the college's first 100 years. "Music Buffs: A Century of Music at CU" runs through Nov. 28.

Guest Opinion: John S. Davis: CU's music building is something to sing about (Oct. 1, 2021, Daily Camera)
The upgraded Imig building has already enhanced learning and performance experiences for our students by accelerating our momentum to leverage various technologies in ways that elevate College of Music offerings well beyond our immediate campus community. With new learning and performance spaces and tools, we’re not only expanding the reach and range of what’s possible as scholars, composers and performers, we’re also adding to our students’ skill sets and paving the way toward greater diversity, equity and inclusion in everything we do.

Takács Quartet wins 4th Gramophone award (Sept. 30, 2021, CU Boulder Today)
Congratulations to our remarkable Takács Quartet! 

Students and staff celebrate completion of Imig expansion (Sept. 26, 2021, CU Independent)
The College of Music's new studios and practice spaces have already proven their worth for Michaela Miles, a third-year member of the Golden Buffalo Marching Band. Read on about the impact of our expanded Imig Music Building from both student and faculty perspectives! 

CU Boulder College of Music unveils long-anticipated building addition (September 17, 2021, CU Boulder Today)
CU Boulder students, faculty, staff and community members celebrated the opening of a state-of-the-art, $57-million addition to the Imig Music Building that enhances the College of Music’s standing as a national leader in comprehensive music education, performance, composition and research. 

'Soundscapes of the People' to document local musical history (Sept. 14, Pueblo Chieftain)
Our American Music Research Center's 'Soundscapes of the People' project will explore ways that musical traditions have shaped social, ethnic and religious identities.

American Music Research Center explores musical traditions of Pueblo, CO (September 1, 2021, American Music Research Center)
Our American Music Research Center is breaking ground with its innovative Soundscapes of the People project, a comprehensive research effort in collaboration with local community stakeholders to document, preserve and engage with diverse musical and cultural influences in and around Pueblo, Colorado. The research team aims to address the lack of representation and inclusion in the history of Southern Colorado culture.

Denver's Ten Best Jazz Musicians (Westword, August 31, 2021)
Congratulations to alumna Annie Booth and alumnus/College of Music Lecturer Hugh Ragin, among other local jazz luminaries associated with our college!

Simple safety measures reduce musical COVID-19 transmission (August 27, 2021, CU Boulder Today)
As the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe in 2020, musicians around the world were desperate for the answers to two pressing questions: Can playing musical instruments transmit COVID-19? And if so, what can be done? Now, halfway through 2021, the first official research results are in—and it’s good news: The show can go on. 

Maloy and Parker honored with Distinguished Research Lectureships (August 26, 2021, Research + Innovation Office)
Rebecca Maloy of the College of Music is one of two recipients of the 2021-2022 Distinguished Research Lectureships. Professor of Musicology and Erismann Faculty Fellow, Maloy also serves as director of the Center for Medieval and Early Modern Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. One of the world’s leading scholars of chant from the Iberian Peninsula, Maloy’s current work examines the Old Hispanic chant of the Iberian Peninsula from historical, liturgical, theological and musicological perspectives. 

Colorado Music Festival Offering First Time Learning Opportunity (July 28, 2021, CBS4)
Members of the Ivalas Quartet—our Graduate Quartet-in-Residence—are the first fellows at the Colorado Music Festival. The fellowship program is designed to build up young quartets and promote diversification in the field.

The Colorado Lullaby Project Bridges Mental Health and Parenting (July 2, 2021, Coloradan Alumni Magazine)
As a part of Carnegie Hall’s community engagement programs, the Lullaby Project has a network of partners—including CU Boulder—across the globe. Learn about the amazing Colorado Lullaby Project, which kicked off under the direction of Grace Law (MMus ’21).

CU's Austin C. Okigbo Studies Music from Past Pandemics (July 2, 2021, Coloradan Alumni Magazine)
Our Musicology Chair traces the way people express themselves musically during times of widespread illness—a highly relevant topic given COVID-19.

35 Fellows Chosen for Cleveland Institute of Music Future of Music Faculty Fellowship (June 22, 2021, Broadway World)
Congratulations to doctoral candidate Raul Dominguez, and alumni Teresita Lozano and Brice Smith!

Shelly Miller awarded for research on COVID-19 transmission via singing (May 19, 2021, CU Boulder)
Professor Shelly Miller is among an international coalition of researchers whose COVID-19 transmission work has been recognized by the American Academy of Teachers of Singing.

Band Practice in the Age of COVID-19 (April 14, 2021, The Wall Street Journal)
Researchers at CU Boulder and the University of Maryland have found simple ways to mitigate the risk posed by the potentially virus-laden aerosols spewed into the air by singing and playing wind instruments.

All Together Now (April 8, 2021, The New York Times)
Shelly Miller, an aerosol scientist at CU Boulder and lead author of the Indoor Air paper, has since been collaborating on a study of COVID-prevention measures with the International Coalition of Performing Arts.

Communicating feelings: CU student, shooting survivor returns to memorial each day to play cello (March 25, 2021, FOX31)

CU Boulder violist wins Grammy (March 19, 2021, 9NEWS)

Colorado Lullaby Project
Building upon Carnegie Hall’s innovative program, the Colorado Lullaby Project brings together individuals that identify as parents, or new parent, with College of Music student musicians to strengthen community through song.