Diverse Musicians Alliance Students

The Diverse Musicians' Alliance (DiMA), established in 2004, is a group committed to promoting the diversity of music, cultures, ideas and races at the University of Colorado Boulder's campus as a whole and specifically at the College of Music. As a sub group of the CU-LEAD Alliance (Leadership, Excellence, Achievement and Diversity), the Diverse Musicians’ Alliance builds community by providing academic enrichment, leadership and outreach activities, scholarships, personal links to faculty and staff, mentoring and opportunities for community service. DiMA provides scholarship opportunities to its members as well as promotes diversity and educational excellence through access for underrepresented and first-generation students.

Participation in the group requires students to maintain a grade point average of 2.75 or higher. Students holding the minimum GPA are expected to improve it each semester. As a member of the CU-LEAD program, students in the Diverse Musicians’ Alliance can take advantage of free tutoring to assist them in their studies and GPA improvement.

Students in the organization can also apply for a $2,000 yearly grant through the CU-LEAD program. Grants are awarded based on financial need, academic merit, and group participation.

Become a Member

Membership in the Diverse Musicians’ Alliance is open to all students including undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.  Members work cooperatively throughout the academic year, producing an annual concert performing music reflecting the diverse backgrounds of the group membership; and supporting one another, attending several performances of members of the group.

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Alejandro Cremaschi, Associate Professor of Piano Pedagogy and chair of the College’s Diversity Committee, serves as the primary advisor for the Diverse Musicians’ Alliance and is assisted by members of the Diversity Committee. Contact Dr. Cremaschi at alejandro.cremaschi@colorado.edu


The DiMA group organizes an annual Diverse Music Concert in the College of Music. This concert features music from different traditions, cultures and ethnicities. Concerts feature a wide range of music such as Celtic fiddling, Mongolian throat singing, Argentine tango, tap dancing, classical works by Bach and Guastavino and more.