The purpose of this handbook is to acquaint current and future MENV students with CU Boulder’s Masters of the Environment (MENV) program’s policies, guidance, procedures, and resources. This handbook was prepared based on policies in place at the time of publication and, therefore, all information is subject to change without notice or obligation. Please be aware that our program continues to evolve and specific policies may be altered, thus, the information in this handbook may not always be current. This publication is for informational purposes only and is not comprehensive. Instead, vital information is presented and when necessary, the handbook will refer to other publications that provide more detailed information. Thus, the handbook does not constitute a contract with MENV or the University of Colorado Boulder, either expressed or implied. Students are encouraged to utilize a variety of resources and subject matter experts across campus for additional information.  


Graduate students in MENV should read this Handbook, the Graduate School Rules, and review other resources via the Graduate School’s Policies and Procedures website. It is the responsibility of the student to know how and comply with all current rules, deadlines, policies, and procedures.