Stride Tech walker

Engineering grads’ high-tech walker could keep seniors from falling

May 6, 2019

Four ME undergraduates worked with senior residents to test an invention for walkers that could help prevent debilitating falls. The team, known as Stride Tech, received the first-place prize of $100,000 at the New Venture Challenge.

expo me team presenting

Build, break and rebuild: Expo celebrates student perseverance

May 1, 2019

Over 140 student teams from six College of Engineering and Applied Science units showcased capstone and graduate projects, hailed by Dean Bobby Braun as “truly innovative.” Judges circled the track, assessing teams on their technical merit and presentations before doors were opened to the general public.


Innovative mechanobiology research expands subcellular understanding

May 1, 2019

Professor Corey Neu collaborated with researchers at CSU to develop a technology called Deformation Microscopy, capable of non-invasively probing the mechanics of biological systems in high resolution and imaging cells.

Shelly Miller Headshot

Fox 31 interviews Shelly Miller about traffic-related air polution

April 26, 2019

A study published this month mapped the parts of the country that have strong connections between traffic-related air pollution and childhood asthma. Professor Shelly Miller said the association was stronger for asthma-like symptoms in homes that were closer to major roadways,

Stride Tech working on hardware for senior walker

Daily Camera features mechanical engineering seniors who won the New Venture Challenge with new hardware for walkers

April 24, 2019

The Daily Camera features a team of capstone mechanical engineering students who won the University of Colorado Boulder’s New Venture Challenge on April 3 with an idea that could improve how people use walkers. The team will present at Expo on April 26.

Siemens Gamesa capstone design project

Siemens Gamesa partners with CU students to develop drone-based monitoring system for wind turbines

April 22, 2019

CU Boulder engineering students are finalizing an infrared imaging system that will allow a user to monitor subsurface features in wind turbine blades, an invention that could make wind turbine repair safer, faster and more cost-efficient.

QL+ capstone design project

Veterans challenge CU Boulder capstone students to design for improved quality of life

April 22, 2019

Mechanical engineering capstone teams working with QL+ had two primary aims: making an impact on a wounded veteran’s life and putting mechanical skills to the test. They designed a luggage carrier device for wheelchair users and a disabled swimmer lift system.

siemens gamesa wind turbine and drone

Top talent to be showcased at the 2019 Engineering Projects Expo

April 22, 2019

Roughly 145 engineering capstone design teams will be presenting at the 2019 Engineering Projects Expo on April 26. Check out a few of our featured mechanical engineering design projects.

knee joint imaging technique measures strain to detect osteoarthritis

Functional imaging technique could diagnose early osteoarthritis, NIH awards $2.7M

April 19, 2019

Associate Professor Corey Neu of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at CU Boulder is working with colleagues at CU Anschutz to detect early osteoarthritis, allowing younger patients to seek treatment earlier and possibly ward off the most severe measures including joint replacement.

Christoph Keplinger TED Talk

TEDxMileHigh talk by Christoph Keplinger receives feature on

April 16, 2019

Assistant Professor Christoph Keplinger’s TEDxMileHigh talk was selected for international coverage on He is designing a new generation of soft, agile robots inspired by a masterpiece of evolution: biological muscle.