The Department of Mechanical Engineering has been the start of many successful businesses. Our entrepreneurs include current students, alumni and over 10 current faculty members. Businesses founded by members of our community span a variety of industries, developing everything from artificial muscles to safer, more efficient batteries to apparel made with additive manufacturing to snowboards, shoes and longboards.

In 2015, Forbes Magazine ranked CU Boulder as the 18th most entrepreneurial across universities. CU Boulder continues to lead in this area with roughly 180 inventions and 51 deals across campus each year and 25 startups formed over the past three years.

Mechanical engineering entrepreneurs have been supported at CU Boulder with programs, mentorship and resources, such as the New Venture Challenge, Catalyze CU and Venture Partners, the technology transfer office. For a complete list of entrepreneurial spaces, workshops and more, be sure to check out the campus-wide Innovation & Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Interested in learning more? Check out a few of our ME-affiliated entrepreneurs below and stop by our ME founders hallway in the mechanical engineering wing!

Artimus Robotics

Traditional robots lack the flexibility and dexterity needed to maximize their potential. Artimus Robotics has taken inspiration from nature to develop strong, flexible, adaptable materials for use in developing the next generation of robotic technology. 

  • Tim Morrissey, PhD '19
  • Eric Acome, PhD '20
  • Shane Mitchell, PhD Student
  • Nicholas Kellaris, PhD Student
  • Christoph KeplingerFormer Faculty

Aspero Medical

Over 90% of balloon endoscopy procedures lead to an incomplete diagnosis. Aspero Medical's AP™ Balloon Overtube increases the balloon endoscopy success rate by delivering up to 2.5x more traction than existing balloon endoscopy systems.


Berrendo Energy

The US consumes over 95 quadrillion BTUs of energy each year. Berrendo is working to shift how that energy is produced and reduce the associated environmental impacts by providing development services to build utility scale wind farms in areas that have great renewable resources that have never been captured.

  • Joel Johnson, BS '81


Carmen's Salsa

Mexican food should be fresh, healthy and vibrant. Carmen’s Salsa provides unique authentic salsas and moles handmade in Colorado.

  • Carmen Pacheco-Borden, Faculty



Donek Snowboards

The perfect snowboard isn’t one-size-fits-all. Donek designs and builds custom snowboards that are handcrafted for maximum fit, quality and performance.

  • Sean Martin, BS '93




Current methods for monitoring brain activity for patients with epilepsy are often highly invasive. FieldLine is developing magnetic imaging technology with small, low-power, high-precision quantum sensors that allow for non-invasive, real-time imaging of brain activity.


Forge Nano

Nano-material coatings can change the behavior of surfaces in valuable ways. Forge Nano creates solutions to enable fast and affordable atomic level coatings and surface engineering.

  • James Trevey, BS '07, PhD '11
  • David King, CHEN PhD '08
  • Paul Lichty, BS '06, CHEN PhD '11


KOTA Longboards

Controlling your longboard can be challenging. KOTA Longboards are easier and more fun to ride by design. Through careful engineering of the materials, geometry, and manufacturing process, these boards are tuned for enhanced turning performance and improved ride.

  • Mike Maloney, BS '85


LongPath Technologies

There is an urgent need to find a low-cost solution to monitor the vast oil and gas infrastructure across the US. LongPath Technologies uses CU-developed nobel-prize-winning lasers to effectively monitor and locate gas leaks from 2 miles away.


Lupine Labs

Automated manufacturing has become more common in today's world, and unique materials open doors to new technologies. Lupine labs combines cutting-edge manufacturing techniques with material science to create smart manufacturing tools for next
generation medical device technologies.

  • John Francis, PhD '13


Point Designs

Partial hand amputation presents unique challenges for prosthetic design. The Point Digit is a functional, durable product that allows patients with MCP level amputation to regain critical hand function.

  • Levin Sliker, PhD '15
  • Jacob Segil, PhD '14



Lung injury causes over 80,000 deaths annually in the USA. Respirogen Oxygen Microbubbles are a novel therapy for oxygen delivery in critical patients.

  • Mark Borden, Faculty
  • Paul Mountford, PhD '15
  • Robert Scribner, BS '10



Most runners only replace their shoes when they become painful. ShoeSense allows runners to avoid injury and achieve peak performance by notifying them when their shoes are ready to be replaced.

  • Connor Winter, BS '16


Solid Power

Our society is heading towards an electric-mobility future and batteries are at the center of that revolution. Solid Power provides high-performance and highly manufacturable all solid-state batteries.


TBD Innovation

Successful businesses are driven by purpose and creativity. TBD Innovation uses a strong foundation in technology, business and human-centered design to help their clients create remarkable products.

Note: The pictured image is from a consulting project for Rise Gardens.

  • Craig Sampson, BS '81



The apparel industry produces 150 billion garments every year, while roughly 30% are burned or destroyed without ever being sold. Unspun's mission is to radically change this process through an automated and additive robotic manufacturing process, creating custom-fit apparel on-demand based on 3D body scans.

  • Kevin Martin, BS '16


Vita Inclinata Technologies

Uncontrolled movement of helicopter hoist and sling load systems is a serious risk to emergency rescues. Vita Inclinata is working to develop disruptive, autonomous solutions to end all helicopter search and rescue accidents due to uncontrolled cable motion.

  • Derek Sikora, BS '16




Weather affects the daily operation of people and businesses, yet is unpredictable. WeatherCloud offers real-time ground weather intelligence through a forecast engine and sensor technology to enable navigation of adverse weather conditions.

  • John Mickey, BS '08


Xtreme Power Conversion

Mission critical applications require a consistent power source. Xtreme Power Conversion manufactures uninterruptible power supplies that provide industrial, data center, and retail clients with a reliable, high-quality source of backup power.

  • Tom Ebner, BS '85


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