Nicholaus Wolfrum working in a machine shop.

Blog: MechE student finds success with online auto parts business

July 3, 2017

During my first year of college, I quickly learned three things about being a student: Being a college student is hard Being a college student is time consuming Being a college student is expensiveRead more »
Yohannese Gebremedhin

"I Look Like an Engineer because I am one." -Yohannese Gebremedhin

June 27, 2017

I chose engineering because I had been exposed to a lot of STEM programs in high school. When I was looking for colleges, I saw that there were a lot of great things being done at CU.Read more »
Haley Smith on the basketball court.

Smith Nominated For NCAA Woman Of The Year

June 26, 2017

New mechanical engineering alumna Haley Smith put together one of the most illustrious careers in Colorado athletics history when you combine her success both on and off the basketball floor. The native of Sammamish, Washington, is the University of Colorado's 2016-17 nominee for NCAA Woman of the Year. The complete... Read more »
Baowen Li speaking at the conference.

Li Earns Award for Quantum Research

June 22, 2017

Congratulations to professor Baowen Li, a 2017 recipient of the prestigious Brillouin Medal. The CU Boulder mechanical engineering professor receiving the award along with two collaborators during the 4 th International Conference on Phononic Crystals/Meta-materials, Phonon Transport and Phonon Coupling, held this month in Changsha, China. The medal, which is... Read more »
Prototype robot.

How a wriggling robot could make a common medical procedure easier

June 16, 2017

Nobody needs to reinvent the wheel, but reinventing the colonoscope is definitely worth somebody’s time. Mark Rentschler, an associate professor at the University of Colorado Boulder, is one of those people. He and his team have been working on the wormy robot, above, as a replacement for the usual flexible-camera-tube... Read more »
The check presentation.

Competing in a NASA student satellite design contest

June 15, 2017

“Well, there goes our spring break!”, I thought as I read NASA’s email about the...Read more »
Virginia Ferguson and Chelsea Heveran in Ferguson's lab.

Of Mice & Mars - Virginia Ferguson Investigates Bone Loss in Space

June 6, 2017

Far above Earth, a curious colony of spacefarers is sharing close quarters on the International Space Station as part of research that could one day help lead us to Mars. These are no ordinary astronauts, they are mice, and their journey could be key to solving a problem that vexes... Read more »
Aerial shot of campus.

Violet Mwaffo Selected for Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship

June 5, 2017

Dr. Violet Mwaffo will join the Department of Mechanical Engineering researching data-driven stochastic modeling and network-based tools to study zebrafish swimming behavior, fluid dynamics and fish-robot interactions. Each year, the University of Colorado Boulder awards the Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowship to postdoctoral scholars whose creative work/research, teaching and/or service contribute to... Read more »
Isaac Koch works on a piece of equipment.

Alumnus Helps Engineer Better Responses to Wintery Weather

May 26, 2017

It tears up highways, destroys car bodies, and can poison fish, but is essential any time it snows: road salt. For alumnus Isaac Koch (MechEngr ’16), it is also the source of an engineering job that has taken him from Wyoming to Alaska with technology that can help states stretch... Read more »
Haley Smith with a basketball

Mechanical Engineering Basketball Star Seeks a Biomedical Future

May 26, 2017

How did you decide to become a mechanical engineer? Was it encouragement from a teacher? A desire to understand how things work? A drive to improve technology? Haley Smith had pieces of those, but her distinguishing moment is a little more unusual: an article in an airline magazine. While thumbing... Read more »