Published: March 11, 2020

The KneeHab4U cold therapy device is used after knee, elbow and other surgeries that result in inflammation in the affected area. 

Engineering seniors and graduate students put their skills to the test through capstone design projects. In most cases, mechanical engineering teams are sponsored by industry partners or pitch their ideas to investors. Follow capstone design teams through our series of Capstone Design Q&As to learn how students are using engineering to solve real-world problems. 

What problem does your project solve?

Team KneeHab4U is creating a therapy device that is used after knee, elbow and other surgeries that result in inflammation in the affected area. There are a few types of cold therapy devices that are less expensive but require additional effort to operate with no access to temperature control. The cold therapy devices that provide temperature control are very expensive. KneeHab4U aims to bridge the gap between the two types that are out in the market and add additional helpful features such as air compression for blood circulation and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for a faster, safer and more comfortable recovery process while using IOT technology for the medical service provider to track progress and allow users to access the data for logging purposes.

What have you and your capstone design team accomplished that you are proud of?

We have connected with a couple of companies who are working on a similar project and they were very excited to help.

What have you learned from this project?

We learned to work in a group. We also learned to better estimate the time to finish a task. We learned from our failure how to better communicate within the team.

What are you most excited to share about your project?

We are excited to share how we learned from our failures and how that made us successful.

What advice do you have for future capstone design teams?

Choose your team wisely and communicate well. Review everything once and twice before presenting it.